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I’ve always found art inspiring; and never thought of it as something I could do, but over the years I’ve come to find it extremely therapeutic, and as a way to express who I am and how I feel about the world, especially the way we look at our bodies and sex. My art is a true reflection of how naked I feel every day, how naked we all feel when being ourselves, or when we’re trying to get attention from this world. Although I am new to this beautiful world of art, I feel such a strong love for it, it’s all I think about, and all I do, no matter how vulnerable it makes me feel, it also empowers me, and I hope it does the same for others.

Artwork Preview


Artwork Preview


Lance is a visual artist and a freelance videographer who currently resides in Toronto. Lance has over 16 years of experience as a self-taught artist and specializes in the use of charcoal and graphite and abstract painting. Lance has always had a love for art and all things creative and grew up experimenting with various art forms, from graphic design to painting and video editing. He has begun doing more live paintings in recent months. Lance’s live painting experience has enabled him to have confidence in his abilities as a creator, his work, and his network relations. Lance enjoys going to sporting events, participating in recreational activities, exploring the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and generally being around positive people.

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Toronto Trev is an urban visual artist that recently turned his passion into his profession. His work is based on common thoughts and expressions inspired by his life and others. A lot of his concepts are musically influenced with the messages always being delivered directly. Most people describe his style as “dark”, but also gothic, painful, expressive and relatable. With short words and phrases mixed with symbols and subliminals each creation is worth at least a thousand words.

The overall subject matter and colour selection truly embrace and acknowledge death, power, optimism, and pain. With imagery such as skulls, x eyes, blood, and splatter, he expresses dedication, honour, love, life, passion and pain. At first glance the intended pain caused by too much effort is most predominantly displayed and felt, with the titles tending to explain what is being expressed. With the title partly explaining what is being expressed, the viewer can then notice the subtle secret messages before reading the descriptions.
Toronto Trev had his first display on October 30th 2022 and since then he has been working on his new collection titled “LOVE LOST”.


My name is Patrice Crichlow.
In 2006 I was diagnosed with lupus. For the next three years I battled seizures, endless hospital stays then I had my hip replaced.
I was extremely overwhelmed that’s when I noticed that my friends had disappeared, I had lost my license, & the reality that I wouldn’t be able to return to the workforce had sunk in. Making jewelry was something that always gave me peace. I began making jewelry to keep myself occupied & distracted. Before I knew it I had a small collection. That is how Konfidence Jewelry was born. I named my business Konfidence because through my jewelry I got my voice back. I make Sterling Silver jewelry with Gemstones, Freshwater Pearls, & Swarovski Crystals. In late 2009 I hosted my first home show. Over the next few years I did a few hosted a few more jewelry parties at peoples houses & made jewelry for two bridal parties. Then I had to slow down once again.
In 2015 a had a request from a client to make a wooden set. I enjoyed doing that so much that I continued. Then my second business was born Erry’Ting Wood. I make men & women wooden jewelry. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Chokers .
I sell Calabash purses small & large. Jewelry boxes & Sculptures (wooden & stone).


Kevin Christopher is the author of the Chess and Exotic Dancer infused novel ‘The Queensway’, for sale on kobo ebooks!  This man from Toronto is also notorious in the world of poker for cheating due to his viral YouTube video ‘I Cheat’. What else is there to say except that Kevin Christopher is a previous Tim Simms award nominated comedian, a popular night club MC, MTV’s debonair dating show punster on Play’d etc. Your ears might even recognize the voice of the Teletoon cartoon hero, ‘Ninjamaica’ because that is also dramatically him. Telling simple everyday relatable stories from a hilarious point of view, in a nutshell’s Kevin Christopher, when he’s not betting on horses!




Alex Wood is already a stand-up comedy veteran. His high energy style mixes finely tuned jokes and storytelling. He’s performed at the Montreal Just For Laughs festival twice. Once in 2009 for The Homegrown Show where he was featured in the Montreal Gazette’s “Best of the Fest” article. He made his return in 2017 taping at Kevin Hart’s “LOL Network” and was named one of the “Canadian Acts You Need to Know” by Interrobang. Alex has performed across North America and been featured on SiriusXM, CBC Radio and JFL42 in Toronto. Wood’s podcast, Alex Wood Quits Everything, saw him make appearances on NBC’s Today Show, The Toronto Star, Vice and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award.  He was also a top 10 finalist on the 2006 Much Music VJ Search reality show and played lead roll as Hookaps in the multiple award winning Web-Series, Prison Dancer he has performed all over Toronto and is know worldwide with his comedy.  proud of his Philippino culture




Canadian Jarek Dabrowski is an accomplished composer, artistic director, arranger, and session musician with 20 years of live and studio experience on the Toronto scene. He works in a variety of genres including Classical, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Pop, and World music from China, India, Middle East, Cuba, and Africa. He creates Electronic music as a DJ and a producer. Jarek is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, trumpet, cello, percussion, keyboard, and World instruments such as Persian Setar, Chinese Erhu, and Middle Eastern Oud.  He is one of Toronto’s more popular musicians.

Steel Pan Player

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Aaron Lovesound

Aaron “LoveSound” Seunarine is a professional musician with over 20 years of experience playing the steel pan, drum, congas and many other percussive instruments.  He has studied at Humber College (both community school and BA in Music) and Trebas Institute for Audio Engineering and has been fortunate enough to play and be amongst some of the best in the business.  While playing drums and percussion in several bands within the city , LoveSound also dedicates his time to teaching under privileged youth within the /jane and Finch area and also playing the Steel Pan at several senior homes throughout the GTA, all in appreciation of the listeners loving the sounds of music he produces.

When not touring his public show to sold-out houses and rave reviews, Keith trains Ivey MBAs and business executives in effective communication and high-impact presentational skills. See it to believe it! It’s absolute magic!


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Elvin Belfon

Elvin Belfon is a Grenadian Singer/Songwriter who is carving his own music path in Toronto, Canada. He has been a familiar face in the Caribbean music community internationally and  domestically for over a decade and before becoming a dedicated Soca music artist, he was performing live djembe drumming at popular Soca party venues across the GTA and abroad.
Elvin is not limited to just Soca music he is an incredibly talented individual that has his eyes set on various genres such as, Afro, House, R&B and Pop music to name a few, as he grows as an emerging International Artist, he aims his first milestone to become the first Canadian Caribbean artist to take Canada by storm. Whether performing on stage solo or opening for headline
artists, he maintains an energetic, dynamic performance that keeps the crowd entertained.  Quote “I want to become the first famous Soca artist to emerge from Toronto / Canada, we have such a multicultural society in this country and a lot of Caribbean music fans, it is an untapped market for a local artist, and it will help me climb the ladder to greater musical heights.” Elvin has continued building his EP and plans to make his debut in 2022.





Hello! My name is Sequoia Marie, I am 21 years old.I am
an upcoming RNB/Soul artist from Toronto. My email
address to contact me at is I’ve
been performing since I was about 6 years old. My mother
introduced me to music because she was a singer and
performer herself. As a child she would find any small
talent show or opportunity for me to sing. I would always
join talent shows and school plays in middle school.
Through the years I have developed a great passion for
music and wanted to go further with my music. I attended
St. Roch secondary school as a vocal major where I
learned to read music, play guitar and piano minorly and
worked a lot on my voice. I’ve performed at various of
places in the past such as United church, Fundraiser
events, family functions and high school performances like
my spring concerts and Christmas concerts. I have had
various opportunity’s such as performing for flow 93.5, the
Toronto’s diversity tour, YMCA’S “Rep your region” and
Talent Nation. Recently I have opened for Fame Holidays
FAMEFEST Tour in Brampton! Music has always been a
passion and dream that I have always wanted to
achieve. I enjoy singing and inspiring others with my voice
and music.