Paige is a Toronto artist originally from Vancouver, Canada. Her specialties are vibrant sophisticated wildlife and portrait inspired acrylic paintings that are inspired by the movement and beauty in nature.


Ashante Blackwood

Ashante Blackwood is a 26 year old fine artist and model based in Toronto. She specializes in portraits and concept art, her work captures the beauty and struggles of her culture and the process of her growing up insecure about things that identify her as a black women. Ashante is a full-time artist/business owner who has always had love for fashion and art, she believes art has no limits so why should she. Just like her work she likes to be creative with her fashion looks and art. Being a plus size model and full time artist is the dream and goal of hers. The bodies of works produced tell a story of her finding her purpose and finally learning to embrace as well love the features that make her the highest level of beauty from her ancestors.Her goal is to one day open up her own gallery/space for Art,fashion,music and events to showcase Toronto’s greatest under minded talent.


Queen Amanda

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Toronto, Queen Amanda is a multi-talented woman with a passion for food and art. Growing up, she developed an interest in cooking.
As she honed her skills as a professional chef, she found that she could use food not only to nourish the body but also to bring people together and create meaningful experiences.
In addition to her culinary pursuits, Queen Amanda found an outlet for her creativity through art. Despite not having any formal training, she began using various mediums, such as painting, digital art, and Etch-a- Sketch to express her emotions and experiences.
She believes that both food and art have the power to bring people together, spark conversation, and inspire positive change.



My name is Patrice Crichlow.
In 2006 I was diagnosed with lupus. For the next three years I battled seizures, endless hospital stays then I had my hip replaced.
I was extremely overwhelmed that’s when I noticed that my friends had disappeared, I had lost my license, & the reality that I wouldn’t be able to return to the workforce had sunk in. Making jewelry was something that always gave me peace. I began making jewelry to keep myself occupied & distracted. Before I knew it I had a small collection. That is how Konfidence Jewelry was born. I named my business Konfidence because through my jewelry I got my voice back. I make Sterling Silver jewelry with Gemstones, Freshwater Pearls, & Swarovski Crystals. In late 2009 I hosted my first home show. Over the next few years I did a few hosted a few more jewelry parties at peoples houses & made jewelry for two bridal parties. Then I had to slow down once again.  In 2015 a had a request from a client to make a wooden set. I enjoyed doing that so much that I continued. Then my second business was born Erry’Ting Wood. I make men & women wooden jewelry. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Chokers .
I sell Calabash purses small & large. Jewelry boxes & Sculptures (wooden & stone).




Rush Kazi is a Montreal-born, Toronto-based stand-up, sketch, and musical comedian.

Rush’s comedy style can be described as confessional, raw, and acerbic story-telling. Drawing on life experiences as unique as jail time and as mundane as getting a wax, Rush’s refreshing and hilarious delivery and unique point of view has not found its equal in her contemporaries. Rush’s debut comedy album, About Time, was declared one of the Top 10 Canadian Comedy Albums of 2022 by Glenn Sumi (Now Magazine, So Sumi) and saw Rush proclaimed as a “Queer first-generation Canadian Disruptor” and “a rare talent” by Parton and Pearl, while CBC Arts called Rush “your new favourite non-binary, pansexual, South Asian, Muslim comedian” (even if you don’t know any others)!

Second City trained, Rush has been featured in Just For Laughs Toronto/JFL42, Toronto Fringe Festival, and both Toronto and Montreal SketchFests, just to name a few. Rush produces the always sold-out hit shows Asian Comedy All-Stars, MuJew (A Muslim and Jewish comedy showcase), Gaysian Comedy All-Stars (the world’s FIRST all-Queer, all-Asian comedy showcase), and has been producing shows in the Toronto comedy landscape since 2012.

Rush’s album released the same day as Rush’s comedy special on OutTV and can be streamed all over the world using Amazon Prime.



Lady Day started in comedy after years of having stand-up on her bucket list. When she finally took the plunge in 2019, she was instantly hooked. She’s performed at several comedy shows across the GTA. 
Lady Day’s perspective that “it’s better to laugh than cry” is the foundation for her comedy. 
Separate from taking the stage as a comedian, Lady Day is a therapist who also takes the stage to educate, heal and inspire as a motivational speaker. Applying her funny bone to speaking, Lady Day known in the speaking world by her name Natasha Halliday, speaks on resilience, mental health, burn out and moving past fear, inserting humour where she can.


Leumas Rey

Leumas Rey is a Filipino-Canadian Recording Artist & Entrepreneur from Mississauga, a city just outside of Toronto. Being raised in a single parent household and big supportive family, Leumas has been a dancer and performer like his cousins and brother at a young age.

Growing up getting suspended and moving schools every year , Leumas was banished from any competitive or physical sports & martial arts, which had his Mother pushing him into Dance and Choir, eventually to finding opportunity in being the first Filipino to take on the role of Broadway’s Young Simba at the Princess of Wales Theatre,
From competitively Breakdancing, performing at Hip-Hop Events and opening his own Barber Studio – there was upbringing and struggles where he found community, support and guidance that led him to still continue his music journey.
In the recent passing of Leumas’ Mother Cecilia Reyes, his music has shifted into forms of tribute and in memory of the creative and graceful side she had always wanted him to pursue.



Chara Kai-Le is an indie-pop artist based in Toronto. Chara is known around the city for headlining at Waveland Canada and sold-out Artery shows.

Having split her childhood between Malaysia, Singapore, England and Canada, Chara’s multiculturalism informs her musical style. Her latest singles “Not Ready” and “Understand” have been enthusiastically received across Asia, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams from countries such as Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

With her unique blend of ambient pop, Chara’s purpose to create art that resonates with others on a global scale.


Priscilla Addo, professionally known as Sillla, is a Canadian-born Afrobeat and rnb singer-songwriter hailing from the humbling streets of the 4-1-6 Toronto Canada, by way of Ghana
West Africa.

Sillla’s upbringing in Ghana during her toddler
years is where she adopted her foundation in
Ghanaian culture. She attended University Ave Brunswick, earning a Bachelor of Nursing degree, and is a practicing Registered nursing and is motivated mother of two beautiful girls.

By age 11, Sillla was gracing the stage and engaging in many exclusive talents showcases over the years, emerging as a seasoned vocalist with a touch of rasp driven with love, pain, and passion in terms of variety in her music and vocal range.
It’s through her captivating voice and musical versatility, accompanied by textured melodies, and groovy percussion, that the Canadian songstress showcases her thoughtful blend of Afrobeat, alternative rnb, and reggae.

In October of 2022, Sillla released the hit
single Lonely, the first release of her upcoming
freshman EP to be released in 2023. Sillla is one
of the top new faces making her imprint in the
music game.